ADORON FH is a biocompatible spring-hard cobalt-chromium-molybdenum based model casting alloy. It features outstanding corrosion resistance and high strength and elongation limit properties for the combined dental prostheses. The ADORON FH model casting alloy provides good milling and polishing and properties. The alloy is manufactured in compliance with the EN ISO 22674 standard, Type 5.



Direct round wax patterns with a diameter of 3.5 to 4 mm in flow direction of the molten material. Avoid sharp angles.


Use phosphate-bonded model casting investments. Preheating temperatures range from 950 to 1000 °C according to the type of investment material, casting machine, and pattern design used, for full metal dentures the temperature is 1050 °C. Depending on the size of the casting ring size (muffle) and the quantity of the alloy used in the furnace the final temperature must be kept for 45 to 60 minutes. It is imperative to observe the casting machine manufacturer's instructions for use.


Use each time a new ceramic crucible for ADORON FH to avoid contaminations caused by residuals of previously used alloys. High-frequency casting should be started after all cubes are completely melted and the melt shows a uniformly light appearance.

When melting with the torch, take care that the correct flame is adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions. With a loose circular motion of the flame in the reducing zone, continue the melting process until the metal is seen to move under the pressure of the flame. Avoid overheating. Divest the framework after cooling of the casting rings (muffles) and sandblast it with corundum at a maximum pressure of 4 bars.


Finish with ceramic-bonded stones or tungsten carbide cutters. Electrolytic polishing shall be done with commercial electrolytes in polishing units for dental applications. When performing electrolytic polishing, apply cover varnish to protect clasps and fit elements against uncontrolled removal of material.

After finishing and fitting smoothen the framework with a rubber polisher and finish to high lustre using a polishing compound designed for cobalt-based alloys.

Soldering and Welding

Carry out soldering using cobalt-based solder and high-temperature flux.

When carrying out laser welding add commercial Co-Cr laser welding wire.

Safety hints

Metal dust is harmful to your health. When finishing and blasting us a suction/extraction system.


Our recommendations of use are based upon our own experience and trials and can only be considered to provide approximate values and guidelines. Solely the user is responsible for the correct processing of products.

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